Dark Chocolate Hobnobs: My favorite cookies just arrived from the UK!

I’m generally in love with all things British, so it isn’t surprising when my British friends introduced me to my favorite cookie of all time… which comes from England.

Meet, McVities Dark Chocolate Hobnobs


After I had one on our trip to Maine, I immediately went online to see where I could get some more of these shipped to me ASAP. And I found them on Amazon, AND in dark chocolate (the one I tried was milk chocolate, which is not as good as dark choco IMHO). Even the description was adorably British:

McVities Dark Chocolate Hob Nobs take the original and much-loved Hob Nob and introduce a sophisticated layer of dark chocolate for the ultimate in biscuit-based indulgence.

Accompanied by a nice hot pot of tea, this packet of biscuits will go down a storm next time your friends or family pay you a visit.


And they arrive this week! These little buggers took forever to get here — about a month! — so I’m ordering up two more packages, just so I don’t run out. And I suggest you do the same thing.

Seriously. Best. Cookies. EVER.

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