Typical Megan and Mike: writing, drinking, and eating.
Typical Megan and Mike: writing, drinking, and eating.

Hi, I’m Megan. I’m an old school geek girl and a brand new foodie, living in Los Angeles. I spent my entire life loving to eat (seriously, every morning I wake up, excited for an entire new day of consuming food) but believing I was a picky eater. With the help of my partner, Mike — the Obi-Wan to my foodie padawan — I’ve discovered that I’m way more adventurous, and have a larger palate, than I ever even imagined.

Mike is a TV producer/writer, and long-time foodie. He’s completed the Jonathan Gold 101 list at least 3 times in his life, and even has a room in his house devoted to the food scene in LA. We call it “the Situation Room.” When he’s not making TV shows, he’s eating and Instagramming.

Treats and Geeks is the documentation of our food journey all over Los Angeles and the world. Wanna geek out over food, cocktails, restaurants, and even TV and pop-culture with us? Follow Treats & Geeks on Instagram, and Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

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