Where to find the best waffles in Los Angeles

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things in this world is waffles. I love them oh-so-much, that I think everything would taste better if it were waffled… or served on top of a waffle… or sandwiched between two waffles… or includes a character who’s also obsessed with waffles.

Just ask Mike, nothing ruins my day more than a bad waffle. Seriously, there will be tears and a sad George Michael/Charlie Brown walk home afterwards.

Therefore, much like our Deeply Important Avocado Toast Quest, is our Search to Quench Megan’s Ever-Present Waffle Craving.

So here are our top places to go when I wake up and desperately need a waffle in LA…

Sweet Chick

Living right down the street from Sweet Chick place has been a blessing and a curse. Every single day I have to fight the urge to have breakfast, lunch, AND dinner here because they’ve combined my three favorite things: waffles, fried chicken, and cherries. (Yes, they have a dried cherry waffle.) But they also have a TON of different waffle flavors. You must go (and bring me with you)!

The Waffle — Hollywood

No big surprise here — an entire menu of waffles in any style. AND, if you can’t decided which one to get, you can order half orders of two different kinds!

Bru’s Wiffle — Santa Monica & Beverly Hills

One of my life’s goal is to order every waffle on the menu at Bru’s Wiffle. Only then will I be able to die happy.

Hayden — Culver City

Hayden‘s cripsy buckwheat waffles are absolute PERFECTION! You know a waffle is amazing when you take one home, eat it cold and plain and love it as much as you did when it was slathered with yumminess. Hayden has several different waffle flavor pairings to choose from. I’m obsessed with their white-miso butter + stone fruit waffle — hell, I’d love their white-miso butter on any kind of waffle. They also have a great savory waffle with prosciutto di parma, honey butter, and a soft egg.

Shaky Alibi — Fairfax District

If you’re a fan of the “liege waffle” style, then you’re going to flip over Shaky Alibi. These waffles are dense and chewy on the inside, lightly caramelized and crunchy on the outside, and there’s many ways to eat them. My favorite is the one covered in berries, but The Elvis (with peanut butter, crumbled smoked bacon, bananas, and a drizzle of honey) is great too!

Marcel Waffles — Food truck

I once walked a Very Long Distance in the blazing Santa Monica sun, just to find the Marcel Waffles food truck to cheer me up on a stupendously bad day. It worked.

More than Waffles — Encino

Yes, there’s more than waffles at More than Waffles… but why eat anything else? The waffles are perfect! (Fun fact: It’s right down the street from my dentist. So this is how Mike bribes me to get me to actually go to the dentist.)

Fratelli Cafe — Fairfax District

Our favorite neighborhood breakfast place is Fratelli Cafe, and they just happen to make a kick-ass waffle in four different combos: basic, banana and Nutella, berry, and savory (topped with two eggs).

Home Restaurant — Silverlake & Los Feliz

Home has a solid-ass good waffle. Especially when you’re hung over. (Might be speaking from experience.)

Animal — Fairfax Distric

For something a little different, Animal makes a delicious cornmeal waffle.

What are YOUR favorite spots to get waffles in LA?

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That’s no moon: it’s a Death Star waffle iron!

death star waffle iron

Think Geek’s Death Star waffle iron combines two of my favorite things: Star Wars and waffles! It’s so amazing that this thing exists in the world right now for an actual purchase price of $30, that I can’t even believe that this isn’t one of their April Fools jokes.

Let’s just take another look at this thing shall we…


As Think Geek put it: Come to the Dark Side, we have waffles.

The ONLY problem with this bad-boy is that it only makes one waffle at a time. Who wants to eat only ONE Death Star at a time? I’ll just have to buy four of these and use them all at the same time. Because I love waffles and I’m impatient.