The not-to-miss, best restaurants in Edinburgh


I was recently asked for not-to-miss things to do in Edinburgh. Since we were only there for the Fringe Festival, we didn’t have much time to explore… except for restaurants. So if we can give anyone travel tips, it’s on the best restaurants in Edinburgh!

Here were our favorite places to eat…

For lunch and dinner

The Scran & Scallie

This was probably my favorite restaurant in all of Edinburgh — and amongst my favorite restaurants in the world! — and because it’s that good reservations are almost impossible. We just kept going back and asking and asking until we finally snagged a lunch spot right when they opened. Just their bread alone was worth the struggle to get in, but we highly recommend the Pea and Barley Risotto. And if you can… get a dessert. This was one of my favorite desserts of ALL TIME.

If you’re planning a trip to Scotland, try to make a reservation here before you even take off!

The Outsider

This became the number one favorite place for our actors to eat, while they were staying in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. Not to mention, when we wanted to have lunch with a local, this was the restaurant she suggested. And, when Alan Cumming was in town, he was spotted eating here as well. Once again, make sure you try the desserts — ALL OF THEM — because they are magical.

L’Escargot Bleu

This place is romantic AF. We were tucked in all snuggly in the back room, and we got drunk and we got fed. If you like escargot, then you’re in luck — apparently it’s very good. They’re aptly named. But if you don’t, that’s okay, everything else we ate was yummy too, including that Melted Camembert over Quinoa.

New Chapter

This place is a hot ticket too, and was tough to get reservations. But we finally snagged one, and we’re glad we did.

Castle Terrace

If you’re looking for fancy pantsy, this is the place. It’s the perfect kind of fancy for me — Michelin starred that still has fun with their food. (I mean! That’s their Pork Shoulder with Chickpea disguised as a Cheeseburger!) We got their six-course tasting menu and sampled their traveling whiskey cart and were in heaven.

The Dogs

What a lovely face to share dinner with 😁 #thedogsedinburgh

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If you’re dog-obsessed, like I am, you’ve got to eat at The Dogs. Their decor alone is worth it, but the food is also yummy!

The Holyrood 9A

All I heard was how amazing the hamburger is at this place, and I never got a chance to have one. But if you want to try haggis in a non-threatening form, these haggis bon bons were really good!


If you’re sick of pub fare, try this great Turkish restaurant that gave us a really great lunch!


The Blue Bear

What Mike isn't eating right now. #scottishwaffles #edfringe2016 #hotwafflesensue

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The Blue Bear has the best waffles in Edinburgh! Our actors arrived to the city before we did, and immediately they scouted out this place for breakfast, and all I heard was how much I’d love the waffle. I did indeed love the waffle.

Leo’s Beanery

I still crave that toasted banana bread with berry compote and yogurt. Leo’s also has free wifi.


The Elephant House

I highly recommend going to The Elephant House — where JK Rowling wrote most of Harry Potter — checking out the view of the castle, the Harry Potter-ed bathroom, and grabbing one of these Orange, pomegranate, pistachio cakes. It was super tasty.

What are your favorite restaurants in Edinburgh?

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