6 dessert mashups that make life worth living

I have a sweet spot for stuff that are two things at the same time — like seaplanes and labradoodles — which means desserts that combine two awesome things absolutely make my life worth living.

If you’re in the LA/OC area, these are the six dessert mashups that you absolutely need to try…

The “Pie scream sandwich”

Play Provisions in Playa del Ray has a dessert that is two pie crusts, filled with bourbon-soaked blackberries, sandwiching vanilla ice cream. I made the same face as that dolphin when I saw it.

The Puffle

The Puffle at Cauldron Ice Cream is a blend of an ice cream cone, puff pastry, and a waffle. AND, when you order the S’more puffle, you add yet one other dessert into the mix!

Cereal-covered Ice Cream Macaroon Sandwich

One of the best/worst things to ever happen to me was moving within walking distance of Milk and their ice cream macaroon sandwiches. When they started covering them with cereal, I started coveting them daily.


Mochilato is gelato-filled mochi, and Mikawaya in Little Tokyo has several flavors of these delightful little balls of awesome. While you’re there, try their pomegranate chip ice cream too.

Warm Brioche Donut Holes

Not brioche, not yet a donut… These are fluffier and airier than regular donut holes. And, paired with La Mill Coffee‘s Madagascar vanilla cream, you’ll just about lose your damn mind.

Sprinkles Sundae

Do you sometimes feel like having a cupcake, but it’s also kind of hot outside, so you feel like having ice cream too? Sprinkles to the freaking rescue with either their Sprinkles sundae — ice cream between a cupcake top and bottom — or their Sprinkles Shake — two scoops of ice cream blended with a cupcake.

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