Best places to eat in Ouarzazate when you’re sick of hotel (or set) food

All photos by @treatsandgeeks and @whatsmikeeatingnow
All photos by @treatsandgeeks and @whatsmikeeatingnow

We just come off a two and half week stay in Ourrzazate, Morocco, while filming a TV show. Granted, two and a half weeks is a small stay when compared to some people who have had to live in Morocco for months while filming. But, for two people who generally eat out for every meal, a couple of weeks felt like months when your restaurant choices are limited.

We of course ended up eating at a few restaurants several times, and some places only once for reasons. And thus have narrowed down the restaurants that are still in business (some of the “best of” lists are out-dated), and worth your time, and your per diem…

1. Jardins des Aromes

Carmelized Chicken Tagine at Jardin des Aromes
Carmelized Chicken Tagine at Jardin des Aromes

By far our favorite, and the favorite of the entire cast and crew. This restaurant is as classy as it is delicious. The staff was so sweet as to even keep the restaurant open late for us when we all got so comfortable (okay and a little drunk) that we didn’t want to leave. We recommend the briouates, and almost 100% of the cast would recommend the caramelized chicken tagine.

2. Restaurant Douyria

Pigeon pastilla, goat cheese and rosé.
Pigeon pastilla, goat cheese and rosé.

We ate here the second-most. In the evening, it’s walking distance from Berebere Palace, and the views of Ouarzazate from their terrace are always impressive, no matter how many times you go there. We tried a lot of animals there: pigeon pastilla (not surprisingly, the veggie pastilla was the winner in the pastille better), dromedary (camel), and kid (baby goat).

Moroccan salad with argon oil. #morocco #moroccanoil #argon #moroccansalad #salad #ouarzazate #douyria #morocstars

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But the winner time and time again was their Moroccan salad and any of their vegetable tagine.

3. Accord Majeur

Steak and potatoes at Accord Majeur.
Steak and potatoes at Accord Majeur.

This place is right across the street from the Berbere Palace AND has great alternatives to all the usual fare (ie. tagines for days). So this was a winner winner chicken and steak dinner for most of the cast and crew, night after night. We recommend the steak and potatoes, and whatever wines the awesome servers recommend — we were always happy with that combo.

4. Habous

Chicken nuggets and fries at Habous.
Chicken nuggets and fries at Habous.

When you want to feel like there are more than just a smattering of people in town, head to Habous — in the middle of a lively town square (at night). And try not to scoff at me when I recommend the chicken nuggets. Yes, these chicken nuggets in Morocco are one of the best things you’ll eat, after you get sick of tagines. And also say hi to the cats — they’re as adorable as they are hungry…

cats at Habous

Hopefully these restaurants in Ouarzazate continue to stay open and serving delicious non-hotel food meals. And if you find more awesome places to eat, please leave ’em in the comments. Shukran!

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