Spotted: Adorable reindeer cupcakes for Christmas!

Adorable mini reindeer cupcake is adorable!
Adorable mini reindeer cupcake is adorable!

I ran into these mini reindeer cupcakes the other day at an outdoor market in Usaquen, Colombia, and I totally fell in love. Not only were they adorable, the combo of sweet and salty was delicious. You should totally make these mini reindeer cupcakes for Christmas, or to bring to your next holiday party!

Here’s what you’ll need:

* Cupcake mix (these were vanilla)
* Frosting (the frosting was a really light and airy chocolate)
* Chocolate sprinkles
* Mini pretzels
* Candy eyeballs
* Red candy beads

Photo by @whatsmikeeatingnow
Photo by @whatsmikeeatingnow

As my one friend said when she saw them on the ‘ol Instagram account… “Spotted: My next Pinterest fail.” But I have faith in all y’all. I think you can make these pretty damn easily!

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